Monday, February 2, 2009

Bikini waxing vs. Brazilian waxing

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what do most people hope for? Companionship, love, and let’s not deny it…sex! One of my specialties in my line of work is doing brazilian and bikini waxes. I know it may sound strange, but I much prefer waxing the bikini area versus doing eyebrows. Most Estheticians have the opposite sentiment, but I am one of the few that enjoys giving one (and it is DEFINITELY NOT SEXUAL). I often get asked what is the difference between a bikini and brazilian wax. In honor of V Day, I will explain to those of you who have never experienced one and are curious, but too shy to ask.

Bikini wax. Basically, there are two types of bikini waxes.

The first is what I call the “Classic” bikini. Which means that I wax from where the leg creases, where the hip and leg join, to the upper mid-thigh (if needed), and the inner thigh. I do not go beyond the crease (meaning going towards the vagina), but I may take a little off of the top if requested.

The second type of bikini wax is the “Extended” bikini. The amount of hair taken off for an “Extended” bikni is a lot more vague compared to the “Classic”. The amount taken off is based on the client’s preference. It could range from just taking a little hair off from the sides and top, to almost a brazilian where there is a little landing strip, but still hair on the inner lips of the vagina.

Brazilian wax

*I just have one disclaimer and that is I do not know who invented the brazilian wax, nor do I know what are the true guidelines of a brazilian wax (because there are so many opinions out there), but I will explain to you what I do and was taught.*

The biggest difference between a brazilian and a bikini wax is that with brazilians the inner lips of the vagina are waxed, as well as the “back end” aka in between the butt cheeks.

Some women will prefer to either leave a landing strip (which is rectangular in shape), an upside down triangle, or have EVERYTHING taken off (some call it the pre-pubescent look). Most Estheticians will also do customized shapes upon request, but in my own personal experience I very seldom get asked to do it.

Common questions asked:

1) Does it hurt?

The first time for any kind of waxing in that area, will be painful (especially brazilians). For the bikini area, most clients say that eventually they get use to it and it is not as bad. For brazilians, it will get easier in time, but due to your anatomy, the inner lips is full of nerve endings, which means that it is an extremely sensitive area. Therefore, brazilian waxes will always feel uncomfortable when waxing the inner lips. Surprisingly, you would think that the “back end” would be painful, but most clients don’t feel a thing in this area.

Pain is relative to each individual, so some may experience a lot of pain and some may experience very little pain.

2) If you get a brazilian, does it make sex better?

I think this is definitely based on every individual, but most of my clients report positive feedback!

3) When is the best time to get waxed?

a) It is best to come in when you are not close to your period or just ending it. During those times you are even more sensitive, so try to book the waxing when you are a couple of weeks before or after your period.

b) Out of courtesy, please wash yourselves beforehand, but make sure to come in and to have the area as dry as possible. Coming from the gym is a bad idea. Mostly because sweat can interfere with the wax and most likely your probably not going to be so “fresh and clean” down there.

c) If you’ve got a night where you know for sure that you will be getting some “action”, try to do the wax at least the night before. After the wax you will feel tender for a few to several hours, and the area will be red and bumpy. After 24 hours, you should feel back to normal and the skin will have recuperated to being as smooth as a baby’s behind. Also, friction can cause ingrown hairs and irritation.

d) If your hair is extremely long, it is better for you to trim it down. If you are scared or don’t have time, it is not a big deal and your Esthetician will do it for you. FYI, when the hair is long, the waxing may be a little more painful, so the shorter the better, but not shorter then a quarter of an inch.

I hope this has answered any of your questions. Please feel free to contact me if you’ve got any other questions. For those of you who are interested in getting a bikini or brazilian with me, please mention that you read this article and I will give you 15% off on your next visit. To make an appointment call Spa Bar at 415.975.0888.

Happy V Day! I hope every day is Valentine’s Day for all of you!


  1. i'd go for a brazilian bikini wax 'coz it is a full pubic hair removal. i think its really worth the money ^^,

  2. Uh, not the inner lips. The inner labia are hairless, I think the author meant the outer lips.

    1. No some people have hair there .. Including myself .. It is quite annoying

    2. No some people have hair there .. Including myself .. It is quite annoying

  3. Had my first brazilian wax this week. I also had my legs & underarms done. It was painful at times BUT definitely worth the pain for the gain. Looking forward to going back next month.

  4. Brazilian wax is actually a type of bikini wax. When you undergo a Brazilian wax, you have to be naked below the waist, so that the therapist will be able to reach the areas that needed to be waxed. A standard bikini wax, on the other hand, only removes hair outside of your bikini. Hence, you can do it with your panties on.

    Justine Cricks

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