Saturday, January 10, 2009

Product Review: Hovan's Medi Cream

Nasty ingrowns? There is nothing more painful, annoying, and aesthetically displeasing than ingrown hair. I also suffered from these nasty buggers, until NOW! I have tried many other brands that claim to get rid of ingrown hair and the only formula that has truly worked for me is Hovan's Medi Cream. This formula contains Pineapple enzymes to slough away dead skin cells and to soothe irritated skin, the natural antibacterial ingredient tea tree oil to protect against bacterial infections, and Vitamin A to help with cellular regeneration and to promote the growth of healthy skin tissue. This formula has a pleasant light scent and there are emollients to keep your skin smooth and soft.

Directions for recommended use:
For MILD CONDITIONS use daily.
For SEVERE CONDITIONS use morning and night for 2 weeks and after once daily.

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